John started training canines for obedience, protection, and trailing in 1975. In 1980, he began his career as a professional K-9 handler and trainer for a large metropolitan area Law Enforcement Agency. He has served as a full time Law Enforcement K-9 Handler, Trainer, and Supervisor. John's expertise is with training Police Canines and Handlers in Narcotics Detection, Obedience, Personal Protection, Agility, Building Search, and Trailing. He has trained and maintained numerous Law Enforcement K-9 Teams in all aspects of Police Utility Dog Team Training .
Also, John instructs and provides personal protection canines and training of the homeowner, followed by a placement program that bonds the canine to the receiving family, giving the homeowner the confidence and piece of mind of having an obedient canine family member that will go to no end to protect the property and well being of the family and its members.
John continues to serve his community as a Deputy Sheriff K-9 Unit in Indiana. John has trained teams from across America in Mantrailing and Mantracking and with over 35 years of actual K-9 experience, John has been involved in over 800 actual K-9 Emergencies and Searches. John has responded to and searched for lost children, lost elderly, Alzheimer's patients, lost hunters, accident victims, fleeing felons, and jail & prison escapees.
John can also train your family pet in obedience through private lessons.

John Holcomb
1198 State Road 59
Rockville, IN, 47872